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Cooktops to buy

Thanks to modern technologies, kitchen appliances today are becoming more functional, efficient, and stylish. Among this variety of household appliances, built-in cooktops occupy a special place. They have become an integral part of the modern kitchen, providing comfort in food preparation. Our online store of household appliances "Turuliider" is pleased to offer you a wide range of cooktops that combine the latest technological improvements and modern design.

Cooktops are the heart of any kitchen, where delicious masterpieces are born. We understand that choosing a cooktop is not only a matter of practicality but also of style. That is why we offer you only the best models from leading manufacturers, providing the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance.

Our range includes all types of built-in cooktops: gas, electric, and also combination cooktops - for those who prefer variety in cooking methods. The surfaces can be made of stainless steel (matte or polished), glass ceramic, or enameled. Regardless of your requirements, with us, you will definitely find the perfect cooktop that suits your interior and lifestyle.

We also offer cooktops in various sizes, including compact options with a cooktop size of 45 cm and larger models for spacious kitchens. Our appliances combine not only high quality and reliability but also affordability, thanks to competitive prices. Turn to us to update your kitchen with our built-in cooktops to create the perfect space for preparing your favorite dishes.,

Our store assortment:

Electric cooktops - easy to install and use, provide even heating, with high energy efficiency.

Ceramic cooktops - an excellent solution for those who value simplicity in maintenance and a presentable appearance. Their smooth, perfectly flat surface is easy to clean and maintain, making the cooking process even more enjoyable. The panels are easy to install.

Most models have easy-to-use touch controls, a large number of safety features, and adjustments.

Induction cooktops - despite their high price, they are among the most modern and efficient cooktops for cooking. Fans of the latest technologies will be delighted. Using electromagnets, the cookware standing on the panel heats up quickly, saving time and energy while providing precise temperature control.

An ideal option for aesthetics lovers - visual and tactile.

Gas cooktops - for those who prefer the traditional way of cooking and control over the flame. Quick temperature adjustment, versatility, and affordable price are the main advantages of these cooktops, which are often chosen by professional chefs. An ideal option for almost any kitchen.

Combined cooktops combine various cooking methods, such as gas, electricity, and induction, allowing you to choose on which burner to cook.

Regardless of the features you are looking for in a cooktop, we have the perfect solution for your kitchen. We offer an excellent selection of cooktops of various sizes, shapes, and designs so you can match them to your interior. Purchase cooktops from us - at the "Tiilider" store and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of your kitchen!

When it comes to choosing a built-in cooktop, it's important to consider several key parameters:

Power type: Determine whether you prefer a gas, electric, or induction cooktop, or a ceramic hob, based on your preferences and usage conditions.

Dimensions and configuration: Consider the dimensions of the available space in your kitchen and choose a cooktop size accordingly. Pay attention to the number of burners or heating zones and choose the option that suits you.

Additional features: Timer, automatic ignition, heating indicators, child lock, automatic shutdown, cooling sensors, temperature control, etc. Think about which of these features you may need in everyday use.

Design and materials: Choose a cooktop design that harmonizes with the style of your kitchen. Also, consider the materials from which the surface is made - glass ceramic, glass, stainless steel, enamel.

Remember that a properly selected cooktop can not only be a functional but also a stylish accent in your kitchen, enhancing cooking convenience and comfort.