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Buy a washing machine

Today, washing machines have become a natural part of our daily routine, providing us with convenience and efficiency in caring for our clothes. In the online store "" we offer you a huge selection of washing machines to satisfy a variety of consumer needs and individual preferences.

Our range:

Our range includes both affordable and more advanced options for washing machines, providing optimal models for every customer. We understand that price plays a major role in choosing household appliances, so our affordable washing machines combine an optimal price with excellent quality. Affordable washing machines are suitable for those who need a basic set of programs without such additional functions as drying or child door lock, additional washing modes. Cheap washing machines are the optimal solution for those who value savings without compromising quality. Our budget options allow you to choose the right option for yourself without overpaying. Such machines can be installed not only in an apartment but also in a summer house or a country house.

If you have limited space, pay attention to our compact options with vertical or front loading. They provide high performance in compact sizes, ideal for small spaces. Narrow washing machines, usually up to 40 cm deep and 60-85 cm high, are suitable not only for those with limited space but also for owners of spacious apartments – after all, minimalism is in trend now. As a result, you will get compact sizes while maintaining high performance.

Our store offers various types of washing machines from leading brands of household appliances and electronics. For example: LG, Electrolux, Bosch, and Miele. These brands are known for their innovative technology, stylish design, and reliability. Choose between different models to find a washing machine that perfectly suits you in all parameters.

  • LG washing machines - modern technologies and high reliability.
  • Electrolux washing machines - stylish design and outstanding performance.
  • Bosch washing machines - future technologies for your home.
  • Miele washing machines - German quality and durability.

"Tiilider" guarantees not only high-quality products but also excellent service. Our prices are competitive, and our professional consultants are ready to help you make the right choice. Make your laundry more efficient and enjoyable with our washing machines.

Parameters to consider when choosing a washing machine:

  • Choosing a washing machine is a significant decision that depends on various aspects. On the way to the optimal choice, pay attention to several key parameters:
  • Load capacity: Determine the required load volume (which can vary from 4 to 12 kg) according to your needs and requests. From compact machines for small families to spacious washing machines for large households - the right load volume will ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Energy efficiency: Pay attention to energy consumption - the energy efficiency class from A to G. Choosing a machine with a higher class will help you save electricity and reduce costs.
  • Programs: choose a machine with a variety of washing modes. From delicate washing to intensive washing, for example, of cotton products - a variety of programs will provide gentle care for different types of fabrics.
  • Special functions: study the availability of additional functions, such as delayed start, leak protection system, and the ability to connect to smart devices. These additional features will significantly simplify your household issues.
  • Noise level: if the machine will be located in a residential area, consider the noise level it will produce during operation. Quiet models will create comfort in your home.
  • Dimensions and design: make sure that the dimensions of the machine correspond to the available space, and the design fits into the overall style of the interior.

Taking into account these parameters, you can choose a washing machine that best suits your requirements and creates optimal conditions for efficient and convenient washing.

We deliver high-quality washing machines in Tallinn and Tartu. Fast and reliable delivery so you can enjoy comfort without any hassle. Choose a washing machine that meets your requirements and give your clothes the best care. And we, in turn, guarantee you excellent service and competitive prices. Make your laundry simple and efficient with our washing machines!