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Buy Chest Freezers

Chest freezers, or horizontal freezers, are indispensable appliances for long-term storage of large quantities of food. They are widely used not only in households but also in various trade sectors and catering establishments. You can buy chest freezers in a variety of models from our online home appliance store, "Turuliider". We offer models from well-known manufacturers such as Gorengie, Liebherr, Indesit, Scfndomestic, Whirlpool, and more.

Advantages of our chest freezers:

  • Large capacity: One of the main advantages of chest freezers is their volume. Unlike upright freezers, chest freezers provide more storage space, making them ideal for families who buy food in bulk, as well as for restaurants and shops.
  • Energy efficiency: Chest freezers typically consume less electricity compared to upright models. This is because when the lid is opened, the cold air stays inside the chamber rather than flowing out, as it does with upright freezers.
  • Convenient storage: Due to their horizontal layout, chest freezers allow for easy placement and storage of bulky items such as large cuts of meat or fish, which might not fit well in upright models.
  • Prolonged cold retention: In the event of a power outage, chest freezers maintain low temperatures for longer, providing additional protection against food spoilage.

Tips for choosing a chest freezer:

  • Determine the required volume: Before buying, it's important to assess how much food you plan to freeze. For small families, a chest freezer with a volume of 100-200 liters will suffice, whereas larger families or businesses should opt for models of 300 liters or more.
  • Take measurements: Ensure you have enough space for the chest freezer. Horizontal freezers require more floor space than upright models, so it's important to properly calculate the installation area.
  • Energy savings: Pay attention to the device's energy consumption class. Choose models with a high energy efficiency rating (A++, A+++) to reduce electricity costs.
  • Additional features: Modern models may come with various useful functions such as a No Frost system, fast freezing function, as well as temperature indicators and sound alarms.
  • Noise level: If the chest freezer will be installed in a living area, it's important to consider the noise level produced by the device to avoid discomfort.

Chest freezers are an efficient and convenient solution for storing large quantities of food. Due to their capacity, energy efficiency, and ease of use, they are an excellent choice for both home and commercial use. In our online store "Turuliider," you can order a chest freezer that will reliably serve you for many years, ensuring the preservation and freshness of your products.