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Buy Sewing Machines

Welcome to our online store "Turuliider", where you can choose and buy sewing machines! Our store offers a wide range of sewing machines that are suitable for both beginners and experienced masters.

In our catalog, you will find mechanical sewing machines, electronic, computerized, sewing and embroidery machines from various manufacturers, including well-known brands such as Janome, Brother, Veritas, and others. We also offer overlock and quilting machines.

The assortment of our store includes:

  • Mechanical sewing machines: the most basic type of sewing machines, operated manually. Stitching is done using mechanics. These machines usually offer a small set of functions. Mechanical machines are often chosen by beginner sewers or those who prefer simple models.
  • Electronic sewing machines: These machines are equipped with electronic components for controlling functions and stitches. They offer more automated features, such as selecting stitches with buttons, programmable settings, and digital displays showing all information.
  • Computerized sewing machines: machines with built-in computers, with controlled functions and settings. They offer a wide selection of programmed stitches and functions, as well as the ability to connect to a computer or smartphone to download new designs and updates.
  • Sewing and embroidery machines: These are specialized machines with a wide range of embroidery and sewing programs and functions.
  • Quilting machines: These machines are designed for quilting, i.e., joining several layers of fabric to create patterns and decorative elements. They usually have a wide table and specialized knives or feet for working with different types of fabrics and patterns.

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner sewer, a properly selected sewing machine will help you bring your ideas to life. Today's sewing machines offer a wide range of features and capabilities. From basic models designed for simple sewing operations to advanced computerized machines capable of automatically sewing, embroidering, and creating original items.

Thus, modern sewing machines are not only tools for performing sewing tasks but also a source of inspiration and opportunities for creativity. Thanks to modern technologies and a variety of models in our store "Turuliider", everyone can find and order a sewing machine that meets their needs and helps bring even the boldest ideas to life.